Industrispår i Ystad AB

INDUSTRISPÅR AB covers five business areas: construction, manufacturing, material sales, equipment rental and product development. Our business is mainly focused on the Scandinavian market.

INDUSTRISPÅR AB offers total solutions, from concept to completed construction. This applies both to track installations and machines. A determined effort is being made continuously developing new products, machines and working methods. All to provide the market with better quality and rational solutions.

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New Employment

As of september 1, Bengt-Åke Nilsson is employed as a salesman with us. He has a past in the oil industry and has long experience of technical sales.

You are welcome to contact Bengt-Åke for information about our products.


Construction Sleepers 180:-

We offer constructions sleepers with the following dimensions:

  • Length: 2,6 m
  • Width: 24 cm
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Weight: 70kg

Insulating rail end and bushings

Industrispår AB has renewed the contract with the Swedish Transport Administration regarding delivery of isolating rail ends and bushings. The contract will expire from 2018 and is a suborder agreement which means that the Swedish Transport Administration makes suborders when needed.

The contract is worth 600 000 SEK.


Solar cells on the workshop roof

Solceller 4 liten.jpg

The entire roof of our tramworkshop is now covered with solar cells. A total of 1 200 m². The solar cells will, on a yearly basis, produce 150 000 kWh. This represents 75% of the company´s electricity consumption.

The investment amounts to 2 million sek and has a pay-off time of 6 years.

The solar cell investment is one of the company´s environmental efforts. Industrispår i Ystad AB is currently working to be certified according to ISO14001.

Big assignment to Industrispår i Ystad AB

Industrispår i Ystad AB has been commissioned by PEAB and Eskilstuna Municipality to build the tram facility at Eskilstuna train depot.

The new depot will be put into operation in 2018, but the work on the tram system is already commencing this spring. The track facility consists of 5 km railway tracks and 15 turnouts.

The turnouts, equipped with electric power and heat exchange, is being manufactured in our own workshop in Ystad and in May the first tracks are put in place. In the train depot´s workshop the tracks will be mounted on pillars.

The entire project is inspired by close cooperation between all parties involved and already in 2016 Industrispår i Ystad AB participated in the planning and design work.

Product Development - Velox fastening

Industrispår continues working with product development. Velux fastening is developed by Industrispår and adapted to grooved rail 57R1. It is a stable and easily assembled construction that keeps track width. Due to the low height it is gentle to the asphalt. No track rods is needed.