Buffer stop HYD Gulo

Buffer stop HYD Gulo is a sliding buffer stop with hydraulic dampers, suitable for limited areas and where high braking capacity is a demand. The hydraulic dampers allows a softer decleration of the impact force which means less damage to gods, wagons and tracks.

Buffer stop HYD Gulo is provided with recesses for up to five pairs of brake elements. Each brake element has a braking force of 40kN, which gives a total braking force of 400kN with five pairs mounted in the buffer stop. For additional braking power, extra brake elements can be mounted behind the buffer stop.

Please contact us for advice regarding dampers dimensions.

HYD Gulo is produced for railprofiles S49, 50E3, S54 and 60E1 but can be adapted to other rail profiles.

Length 2 400 mm
Width 2 200 mm
Height 1 250 mm
Weight 780 kg
Max. train weight 1 000 ton
Max. speed 15 km/h
Max. energy absorption 245 J/beat
Max. buffer force 430 kN

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